Friday, September 03, 2004

New Addi's and 365 stitches calendar

I finally spent some of the gift certificate that I got for being in a focus group in the beginning of June. Now I can do more socks at the same time! Woo-hoo. I had only DPN in size 1 but now I have a pair of 24" Addi turbos in size 1 (2.5 mm). I'm thinking about doing the pattern for the flames socks using them although they are slightly larger than the Brittanys that I've used for the rest of the sock. After all, my gauge will no doubt change anyway since I'll be doing Fair Isle for the patterns. I like to live dangerously.

I also got the stitch a day calendar. Yes, I know there are errata, lots of errata... but I like having the stitch pattern on the little easel. It makes me happy. I'll definitely use some of the stitches in the ponchos I'm planning. I had better get started on those! Maybe some socks, too.

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