Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ball and chain socks

I had some yarn to make my dh socks and couldn't figure out what to do so these are with afterthought heels (using Knitting Without Tears instructions) and the slip stitch chain pattern from the 6socks knitalong (sorry I totally can't keep up with that now... I've given up!)

I suggested naming these chains of love, but the old dh liked ball and chain better :)

Another dinosaur sweater

I knitted this between semesters for my niece. I knit another one about 10 years ago for my other niece and swore I'd never knit another one. It's so cute, but I hate weaving in ends! This is out of Lion Brand Wool Ease. Not the best picture but the child wouldn't stay still :) Of course, we should have taken a picture before giving it away. The scales are 3-D, too.