Friday, September 17, 2004

Me looking a bit demented in my new FO

I finished the striped little cardigan. It fits great. I'm not so sure about the buttons, but they are there to stay now. This was actually a pretty complicated project. A few lessons learned:
  1. I really do hate weaving ends in on cotton, so a cotton striped sweater is not so hot an idea
  2. I really do like sweaters done using Fee's ideas from the Sweater Workshop but maybe the applied button band is slightly more attractive
  3. When you're doing the raglan decreases in ribbing, when in doubt have another knitted stitch on the front side, always use k2tog and SSK instead of going back and forth with the purl equivalents
  4. I can make a sweater that fits (although now I want to lose weight)
  5. Duh, do an even number of rows of each color, weave the colors in on the sides like in fair isle, but only with a knit stitch
  6. Socks are still more fun

This picture was taken in very low light and I didn't ask the DH to fix it.

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