Saturday, December 03, 2011

Baby stuff so far

I’m expecting twins in April 2012 so I’ve done some knitting. The twins are boy/girl, so I’m knitting some generic things that will work for either/both.

FO kimono white FO kimono aqua

Two Mason-Dixon kimonos out of Peaches n Creme. Don’t enjoy knitting with cotton, don’t enjoy garter stitch, didn’t really like the pattern!

FO 5 hour yellow

First of what will be two 5-hour sweaters. I started with this version of the pattern, but it was hard to understand and I couldn’t get the stitch count right so then I saw that someone pointed to Fiber Gypsy’s version and that’s much better.I’ll use that for the second one of these.

I’m debating what to do after that sweater. Booties? I have some Sockotta so I was thinking about some socks and maybe some legwarmers.

Here are some things I made earlier. The bibs are from Mason-Dixon, too. Hats are just top down standard pattern.

FO bibs

fo baby hats