Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lazy... but still knitting...

My Dad wore through the soles and toes of his merino fluted banister socks - despite the fact that I carried wooly nylon along... I think this is the second time I repaired them but last time was just the heel.

I didn't take any pictures, of course, but what I did was pretty elaborate. I first tried to just darn the hole but it wasn't working. So I...
- cut off the sock just at the end of the gusset and at the end of the leg (with scissors, of course)
- raveled back to have an even row, knitted back so that the measurement down the leg and down the foot was the same as what it was before
- joined the leg with the foot by doing a three needle bind off of the center 1/3 of the stitches
- did an afterthought heel (following Knitting Without Tears instructions) -- which is actually a toe
- measured again, and realized how long the foot was (oops), cut off and unraveled and made a new toe

I did the same thing for the second one, because it was worn through at the toe. I made them just a smidge longer so that he is less likely to wear through them again.

I then got some "dimensional" paint from the hobby store, and painted treads on the bottom.

Hopefully they'll be safer and last longer this way. Of course, the new heel will be much easier to replace -- when I need to!

This re-knitting bit was much better than darning. Less painstaking and more tricky to figure out. My cup of tea.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Subtle Sock WIP

This is from the Pattern-a-Day 2005 calendar. Using Invicta. I got so tired of avoiding knitting the ^&*( lucky wrap sweater that I gave up on it for now... I then spent a couple of days trying to figure out what to do with the Butterfly super 10 in ice gray and finally just started on some socks. I frogged the mosaic socks I started for the 6sox knitalong and started on these. I got the first sock done in about a week so I feel much better :)

The pattern calls for a longer leg but this length is better for me. It also didn't call for any pattern on the toe, but I thought they looked a bit too subtle. The one problem is that it calls for 64 stitches (fine) but it's a 6 stitch repeat -- ooops! So increased 2 after the last ribbing round and then decreased extra at the gusset. Of course I forgot that when I went to do the toe so it's a little wierd at the end of the row. They're already a little big so I didn't want to increase 2 again.

FO: Samus

This is from the Chaco I got at Maryland Sheep & Wool 2005. I still haven't put the zipper in.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Been knitting (since the end of the semester)...

But haven't been taking pictures. I finished Samus using Chaco 100% worsted weight. I'm now back to the #$%^ clover leaf wrap. It makes me not want to knit, but I'm going to try to finish the first sleeve before I give up, again!