Saturday, September 25, 2004

Swatch for my MIL's Poncho

This is the indiecita alpaca held two strands together. I tried first using one strand but it was only little tiny stitches and just didn't look like I had imagined. I then tried 2 strands on size 5 straight needles but that looked a little tight so this is using my nylon size 6 circ. I tried using my Denise but the point isn't too pointy so it was harder to to the sl1-k2tog-psso maneuver. Normally I like their shape and feel much better but for this project they were causing a little frustration.

Time now to consider the dimensions of the poncho. I'm doing the two rectangles version, but for someone a little more voluptuous topside than me. Holey Moley from Knitty seems to be a nice shape so I'll use those dimensions: 18"x34". In my calculations, the front will be 25" long, so that should be adequate.

Oh, yeah. You might be wondering about the pattern. I got Barbara G Walker's (first) Treasury of Knitting Patterns through ILL. This pattern is called Lace Cable or Germaine Stitch. It's from page 275.

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