Thursday, September 23, 2004

Finished Caitie's Poncho

I think it turned out well and it is unique. The proportions of the rectangles weren't exactly right so the neck was a little too big. I could have picked up stitches and knit around, but I decided to knit a couple of 18"x2" strips and sew them in.

That actually worked really well. I was talking about this at the Stitch n' Bitch last night and the yarn rep who was there said, "of course, you never want to go smaller than 18"x25" rectangles." Well she didn't know I was knitting for a child, but I looked around for proportions when I was figuring this out and found 1:2 to 1:3. Hmmm. She's saying 1:1.4. I ended up with like 1:2.5. The fringes are 6 strands each wrapped the long way around a CD case. I didn't even weave in some of the ends - just made them more fringe.

Here it is on. Keep in mind that I'm a lot taller than the end user!

All these pictures were taken just about in the dark so that explains the wierd colors. It's actually this really pretty cranberry. It's really warm, too. I was happy to get it off my lap!

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