Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elegy for the first sockotta socks

Found a picture of the ones that the airlines lost. If only they were stolen, I'd have a hope that someone was wearing them. But they probably ended up in the dump. So sad. Finished April 2004. Gone January 27, either Raleigh-Durham or BWI.

Socks for Soldiers

I joined the yahoo group: socks for soldiers. Pretty cool thing they're doing, but I would just like to say for the record that the plethora of word documents makes it really annoying to try to find anything. It's easy to see how information can silt up over time. It's obvious, too, that people keep asking the same questions over and over. I guess you're supposed to buy the yarn from the founder/manager/sarge but I really didn't want to - for one thing, I do not want to commit to anything right now as far as getting things done. Another thing is that I have a particular soldier in mind for these. The next pair might go to him, too, or to the group. Not sure.

This yarn is on the approved list and I'm hoping it can be dyed or the person I have in mind will take them in white since he currently wears white cotton socks. This is Regia 4-ply.

Bwak, bok, bok

How do you spell the sound a chicken makes? I'm ready to crochet and cut, but haven't yet. I will bite the bullet when I get a chance.

One for the frog pond

I was trying to do something like the gray one that worked so well, but longer, and with a different neck for variety. I was going to make a square neck, but I'm out of yarn, sigh, and this is exactly like another sweater I made, I'm going to frog it.

WIP: Green-Orange-Blue Sockotta Socks

My favorite blue sockotta socks were lost by southwest airlines (never check your favorite socks), so these were to be the replacement. I cast on at ASIST last fall but this is as far as I've gotten due to school work and stuff.

FO: Moebius Shrug

This is using some of the indiecita alpaca, double stranded from the immaculate stash. Based in part on something from a catalog, but I just knit a 4ft long scarf, starting with a provisional cast on, and then did one twist, and a three needle bind off in pattern... crappy picture, but there you go. This was finished ~12/9/2007.