Saturday, October 30, 2004

For the German KAL

I picked up this Sockotta:

It's colorway 502. The people on KR all thought that all of the Sockotta colorways splotched, pooled, or "sparkled", but this one is supposed to stripe. I'm not into the striping, but we'll see what happens. I need to get busy on my other projects first, but I can't wait to swatch this.

I did another pair of socks from Sockotta and at first I wasn't very impressed with the yarn. But, it is much less expensive than others, and they wear great and feel good on. One skein makes two socks.

Almost there!

The flame socks are almost done. It's funny Carole commented on how she's going to miss them... after all I knit them every SnB I go to! Here they are modeled by the handsome end user (with the furry legs... don't worry, it's not me, it's my dh).
Instep Bottom

They're actually a little farther than that now. The first one is completely done and I just need to weave some threads and do the duplicate stitch on the second one. They are going to be kind of like fred flinstone toes because they were within an inch of the final length when I got done the pattern. I did have to buy another skein of the Navy. Luckily, another knitter at the SnB was able to give up one that she had picked out (thanks Judy!) because the LYS ran out of that color.

Thursday, October 28, 2004 - Stitching a knitting network

An article about our local SnB! There are pictures in the print version... and there I am, happily knitting away on the couch. I understand that free registration might be required.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Quick note: "add to my Yahoo" works now

If you moused over it in the past (over there on the sidebar) it wasn't a link. Turns out I left out an " . So it works now. If you like reading your knitting blogs in Yahoo instead of in Bloglines or by following a ring, click away!

The lovely *POWER* ball winder my DH made me

He actually made this a while ago, but we just got a chance to use it yesterday. I needed to wind off a bunch of wooly nylon onto a separate spool so that I could do 2 heels at once. The winder is meant to do center pull balls, but for the wooly nylon I just wound it around a toilet paper roll so it won't get tangled.

The motor that turns the spool is from an old power drill. Mark hooks that to a potentiometer and that to either a battery (this time from his cordless drill) or a power supply. He's thinking about adding a footpedal from a sewing machine to control the speed. This time he stood there and adjusted the pot while I'll guided the nylon. Pretty cool!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Still flames...

Going very, very slowly... but I'm committing to at least 2 complete rows per day so I'll get there sooner or later!
Here's how they look now.


Friday, October 22, 2004

As promised

Here's Caitie in her new poncho. Picture courtesy of my Dad.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Progress on the fluted bannister socks

No chance last weekend, and now there's no light when I get home from work. Here's a picture anyway.

I really like this pattern. It's easy to remember and knit and goes really quickly.

In other news, Caitie tried on her new poncho and it fits great. Just a few minutes before she had been complaining that everyone had a poncho but her! I also taught her to knit again. She's a real pro at the long-tailed cast on, but still shakey on the knitting. I left her with some acrylic worsted weight and some size 10s. Maybe she'll practice. I'll try to post a picture of her in it, but my camera's batteries went kaput and I had to rely on Dad's pictures.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Cool hit map trick

Pointed out by MonkeyMagic
It clusters and maps the IPs of visitors. Pretty cool. You'll see a huge cluster where I am, let's see who else?

Locations of visitors to this page

Where are visitors to this page?
(Auto-update daily since 15-OCT-04)

If you'd like to get it yourself look here.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Found some wooly nylon

After many discussions on Socknitters about how to reinforce socks made from non-sock yarn, I decided I needed to get some wooly nylon for the socks I'm making from merino. I went to Joann's (I know, I know, but I wasn't buying yarn, I was buying wooly nylon). Anyway, they were really busy, what with two employees outside smoking, a brand new employee having a line of 5 people waiting to have fabric cut and the other employee with a line of 5 people at the register, so I just kept looking around. I found serger thread, but I wasn't sure. Then... at ankle level, in a bin, I found some... in HOT PINK! Argh. I dug around squatting there and finally pulled out a spool of hunter green. I wanted to get black so it would go with everything, but oh well. It's actually pretty cool but I'm not sure how easy to knit with it will be. As soon as the tension is off of it, it fluffs up like my hair in August! I also need to pull some off onto another spool so that I can continue to do 2 socks at a time. So how much? hmm.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Progress on the flames

Whoa. These are slow. I guess I'll work on these more tonight after I finish casting on the fluted bannister. If you can see the chart in the background, the first like 10 rows are pretty much just a couple of light colored stitches here and there so I'm going to do them in duplicate stitch. I'm still going to run out of navy yarn.

Don't the flames almost look like tuning forks?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Some good ideas

While my DH and I were running around the mall last night trying to find me shoes for my conference presentation today (and no, I didn't find any, all I wanted were some brown suede with a cute rounded toe and like a 2.5" heel, is that so hard?), I saw a poncho at Banana Republic that looks kind of like what I had in mind for my MIL's. When I went online to link to it, I found that they list ponchos as a top trend, and have a whole page on them (which is apparently what's making my browser crash so beware). I really like all of these designs. I guess I will put fringe on the one I'm making. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for an adult poncho.

Swatching 6 Sox #3

ARGH! I did this post last night before I went to bed and apparently IE died and it didn't get posted.

Anyway, this is for the 3rd of the 6 Sox Knitalong. It's actually only my second and I'd like to do the to the clover when I get a chance. This pattern is called fluted bannister and I'm trying to make it for a man so I went digging through my stash. I ended up swatching this very soft 100% merino that's in a beautiful deep green with blue in it. I can't get a good picture at night so I'll try again on the weekend. This swatch is done flat on size 2 addis. The bottom is just plain knitting and the top is the pattern.

I'm going to add a wooly nylon (yet to be purchased) to the whole foot so they can be worn around the house.

In other news, I'm about a foot in on my MIL's poncho (cool) and am about 12 rows from starting the flames on the flame socks. The new pattern is posted for the Deutsch knit along and it's a beautiful slip stitch pattern. Now I'll have to find 2 more yarns in my stash!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

My parents are awesome!

I just got back from a nice dinner out with my parents -- a belated celebration of my birthday. They gave me this snazzy little digital camera, extra storage, extra rechargeable batteries, and a nice dinner out.

Also, upon request and without any raised eyebrows, I got Dad to bring me this:

Now you may say, why on earth did she get her Dad to bring her a log? Well, it's actually cedar that's cured to perfection -- nice and stinky to keep the bugs out of my stash and off my new cashmere sweater (thanks FIL!). My DH will cut it into little chunks when he gets the chance. Much fresher and better than buying the little packaged blocks at the store.

I got my Dad's foot measurements, too, so maybe he'll get a little surprise for Christmas.