Saturday, April 10, 2004

Socks in Progress

I learned how to fish around in the center of the ball to find the end! I pulled for a while and the patterns of my two skeins just weren't matching so I went ahead and started. Now I guess I'll have fraternal twin socks. You can clearly see from the picture, though, why they didn't match. They're wound on the skeins in opposite directions! Someone on one of my lists complained about this. Why, why, why? They're the same dye lot. ARGH! Oh well I still think they're pretty cool. Plus, I did Queen Kahuna's cast on and it worked pretty well so that makes me happy. I'm making the instep and leg in a 4x2 rib so they fit well. It worked on the socka socks.

Front Cover of the new Lion Brand Catalog

What the hell did she do to her jeans? Bizarre. Especially around the fly. I won't copy the picture here, but it's worth looking at. I bet the poor dog is pissed off about the sweater its wearing.

Just because you have the yarn doesn't mean you have to use it!

Progress on the coral seed stitch sweater

I'm at the first set of decreases for the waist. I'm taking the measurements off of a Jones New York sweater I have that I love. It starts at 41" around and goes to 39" at about 7.5". The rh seam shows in this view, but it doesn't look too bad. The real thing I'm concerned about is weaving in all the yarn ends.

Lace Attempt

After reading all kinds of information on knitting lace on KR, I thought I would try some. (hristina from London posted a great site with links to tons of patterns. I picked a cool swirl leaf doily.
OK, so the knitting was cool, but I remembered that I didn't like knitting with pure cotton, especially on bamboo needles. I was adding a few rows at a time while at my computer, but I finally got so confused and lost that I just pulled the needles out. I decided to take a picture before I pull out the whole thing. Maybe I should have bound off? It is pretty cool, and I can't see the errors now.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Back to the sweater: how I'm doing the hem

I finally figured out where my DH stuck the pictures I made of the swatch where I worked out the hem.
Here's a view of the back. See how it's pretty tidy. No stitching required but it does take a little bit to unzip while you knit.

Here's a view of the front.

It looks a little more refined in the cotton fleece. I'll take more pictures this weekend.