Saturday, July 29, 2006

Subtle Sock WIP

This is from the Pattern-a-Day 2005 calendar. Using Invicta. I got so tired of avoiding knitting the ^&*( lucky wrap sweater that I gave up on it for now... I then spent a couple of days trying to figure out what to do with the Butterfly super 10 in ice gray and finally just started on some socks. I frogged the mosaic socks I started for the 6sox knitalong and started on these. I got the first sock done in about a week so I feel much better :)

The pattern calls for a longer leg but this length is better for me. It also didn't call for any pattern on the toe, but I thought they looked a bit too subtle. The one problem is that it calls for 64 stitches (fine) but it's a 6 stitch repeat -- ooops! So increased 2 after the last ribbing round and then decreased extra at the gusset. Of course I forgot that when I went to do the toe so it's a little wierd at the end of the row. They're already a little big so I didn't want to increase 2 again.

FO: Samus

This is from the Chaco I got at Maryland Sheep & Wool 2005. I still haven't put the zipper in.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Been knitting (since the end of the semester)...

But haven't been taking pictures. I finished Samus using Chaco 100% worsted weight. I'm now back to the #$%^ clover leaf wrap. It makes me not want to knit, but I'm going to try to finish the first sleeve before I give up, again!