Saturday, April 30, 2005

Addicted to the Go Terps! Socks

I have not done any of the other knitting I should be doing. I'm really, really enjoying the fair isle and spelling the words, and the knitting on dpn...

So, what's the problem? You see, tomorrow is Easter. I'm Ukrainian Catholic and we're on the other calendar. I spent all day baking yesterday with my dSIL and dMIL so that's all ready. But... I've been saving several cadbury eggs and have promised more little chickies to members of this side of my family. My family by blood has theirs already and I figured I had plenty of time to work on these. ARGH! All I want to knit are go team socks!

No progress on the lucky wrap sweater. The fuzzy beaded scarf is now at 56" but I have to figure out exactly how I want to do the beaded fringe. I started the ribbing on the sockotta lace socks, but I'm really not so thrilled with that.

Hmm, maybe it's the wool vs. cotton?


I was using a free plug-in program for my comments. I started using this well before blogger offered comments and I decided to keep the plug-in after blogger added comments because it allowed smilies and other icons. Well, the plug-in web page has been down for a while, so I just decided to ditch it. I'm pretty sure that means that older comments are gone. Aack.

Anyway, you can still leave comments. It should ask you if you have a blogger account but you don't need one to comment. Just choose to comment anonymously.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Finished my Right sock of the Go Team Socks

This is the 6th sock of the 6sox knitalong. Mine is in University of Maryland colors: yellow, black, red, and white. The first one says "Hell in a Shell!! UM" and the second one will just say Go Terps! twice. The first one is done. It's a little big but works ok. The majority of the wool is from the donations from the weaver friend and is Harrisville 2ply. The yellow is Nature Spun from my favorite LYS. I did these on my homemade bamboo DPN. I had forgotten how I like to knit on DPN. It seemed to go faster than knitting on 2circs. I guess it's good to mix things up a little.

It's funny because that one view looks like I'm saying UM Hell. Oh, well, I guess I should have thought of that before!

Fo: Wrist Warmers for my co-worker

My dear co-worker, LP, has carpal tunnel and is in a lot of pain so I made her these spiffy wrist warmers. They're out of the same yarn as the fluted bannister socks I made for Dad. 100% Merino. When I was modeling them for the picture I almost didn't want to give them away. So soft and squishy!

Here's the pattern if you're interested.
Using size 4 DPN and ~sport merino
CO 60 stitches
K2 P2 Rib for 2.5", decrease 4x evenly around
Continue until 3" from CO edge
BO 5 continue pattern around (you're now knitting back and forth)
BO1 at the beg of the next 2 rows
sl1 continue pattern around, each row until 5" from CO edge
CO 1 at each end of next row
CO 5 and rejoin around
Continue pattern until 7" from CO edge. BO.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

And here's where I was a week ago on the socks

Just catching up on posting. I've now turned the heel and am headed up the legs.

Here's a detail of the lace

Finished the back of the Lucky Wrap Sweater

I actually finished it a week ago when I took this picture. I'm now about 6" up the right front.

Friday, April 01, 2005

New sock for 6sox

They're team socks. I would have, like, never in a million years done these otherwise but I'm looking forward to them. This is what I'm going for

Here are my choices for officially trademarked UM slogans:
  • Go Terps!
  • Hell in a Shell (I kid you not, it's trademarked)
  • Fear the Turtle
Anyone have a graph of a terrapin? One that looks like Testudo?