Monday, February 28, 2005

Fuzzy Beaded Scarf

I wanted to do something to demonstrate adding beads with a tiny crochet hook (size 13/14, 0.9mm). I was originally going to spell out "let it snow" or do snowflakes, but I guess I'll just stay with this nice pattern. Understated but very pretty. This way you get the contrast of the shiny glass beads with the fuzzy yarn without skinning the yarn by running the beads down it.

You take the crochet hook, put a bead on it, then pull the loop through ... either before or after you knit it. Somewhat time consuming but very cool. I think I'll do some beads on the fringe, too. Yes, this scarf will curl -- it's nothing but stockinette, but I don't think that will matter.

Snow Day!

(aack. lost this post the first time, trying to remember it)

Don't get me wrong -- I absolutely love my job -- it's just that it's nice to have an unexpected day off now and then. My whole place of work is closed today because we're supposed to get 6-10" os snow. It's snowing right now. Here's my plan for the day: knit, take a long soak in bubble bath in the soaking tub, knit, make beef stew in the crock pot, make some bread, knit... maybe clean the house if I get energetic.

I just got Folk Socks by Nancy Bush (Interweave, 1994) from the library via ILL. I'm going to have to buy this because it's really wonderful. The front cover shows Uke socks that my dh says are like the style the Kiev Rus guys wore ~1000 AD. I'm definitely going to try some of the different heels and toes and maybe the Mamluke socks which are really beautiful.

I'm also really excited because I'll be able to get the Rowan 4-ply cotton in Fandango to make myself the wrap sweater our of SnB Nation by Stoller (2004). RC listed that she had it to offer on KR and I'm going to buy it with the money I made teaching the sweater class at my LYS.

Here are my works in progress: finally some socks out of the sockotta I bought ages ago, a fuzzy scarf as a trial of putting beads on as you knitt with a crochet hook (pictures to come), and a camera case for my dh out of the big green monster left over yarn based on Lucia's pattern. These are mostly in the beginning stages since I finshed the baby sweater and socks really quickly.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Finished Stashbuster Spirals

These are the 5th of the 6sox knitalong patterns. I can't believe I'm the 7th person done. In the past I've been in the 200s. Here they are. The colors really don't come through in the picture, but you can get the gist.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Infant Tulip Wrap Sweater, the pattern

Feel free to use this print this, make changes. If you redistribute, please give me credit. Please do not sell this or any derivative works.

I've done the best I can to type these instructions clearly. Comment if you see a typo or if something could be better clarified.

Infant Tulip Wrap Sweater

Fits 0-6 months (perhaps more?)

I was inspired by the garter stitch wrap top in Erika Knight, Simple Knits for Cherished Babies, New York: Collins & Brown, 2001, p. 61. But I didn’t really want to do garter stitch or even one piece construction and didn’t have yarn the right size so I decided to make up my own pattern. For some of the dimensions and the shape of the sleeves and armholes I referred to Kate Buller, Style Your Own Kids’ Knits, New York: Collins & Brown, 2002.

100gm double knitting yarn (I used Paton’s Pearl Double Knitting)

(with absolutely no extra, you may feel more comfortable with 125gm or so)

Size 4 needles (either a circ or also have 2 dpn in the same size) or size to get gauge

3 stitch holders

Tulip Stitch (from 365 Knitting Stitches a Year, Woodinville, WA: Martingale, 2002, May 1)

Multiple of 8+7

Row 1 (right side) Knit

Row 2 (and every even row) Purl

Row 3 k3 *yo sl1 k1 psso k6* to last 4 stitches yo sl1 k1 psso k2

Row 5 k1 *k2tog yo k1 yo sl1 k1 psso k3* to last 6 k2tog yo k1 yo sl1 k1 psso k1

Row 7 (same as 3)

Row 9 Knit

Row 11 k7 *yo sl1 k1 psso k6*

Row 13 k5 *k2tog yo k1 yo sl1 k1 psso k3* to last 2 st k2

Row 15 (same as 11)

Row 16 Purl

Gauge – row gauge, unfortunately, matters. Take my dimensions and do the math if you need to.

Over Tulip Pattern: 5.5st and 8 rows to the inch. Any time I needed a little more I snuck a stitch or two at either end, not in the middle of the pattern.


Cast on 55 stitches using a cable cast on.

Rows 1-4, seed stitch

Rows 5-on maintain pattern.

At 6” from cast-on edge, bo2 stitches

Next row bo2 stitches

Next 6 rows bind of 1 stitch at the beginning of each row. You should have bound off 5 stitches each side for a total of 45 stitches across.

Knit even until you’re 9.5” from cast-on edge. Knit 12, put the next 21 on to a stitch holder. Turn. P2 tog. Purl back. Put these 11 stitches onto a holder. Attach yarn to the other side. K2 together, purl back. Put these 11 stitches onto a holder.


Are the same, but mirror images. I will save time and not repeat.

Cast on 50 stitches using cable cast on.

Knit 4 rows in seed stitch.

Rows 5- maintain pattern. 50 is not divisible by 8+7, I k2 did pattern k1 for the left hand side when you’re looking at it. K1 pattern k2 for right hand side.

Knit even for 3”.

Start neck edge decrease – this will go on for ~5.75”. On neck edge k1, dec 1, maintain pattern across. Purl rows, purl to 3 stitches from the end dec purl 1.

At 6” (remember to keep on doing the neck decreases, you’ll have to pat your head and rub your tummy to do all this and make the pattern pretty at the same time), bo2 at side edge. Next three purl rows bo1 at the side edge (this should be the same as you did for the back).

When you have 12 stitches left, knit even until you’re at ~9.75”. Do a three needle bind off with the back. Fudge the extra stitch on the front.

Make 2 the same.

Cast on 31 stitches using the cable cast-on. (yes, I could abbreviate what I have below, but that always confuses people)

Rows 1-4 seed stitch

Rows 5-10 31 stitches in pattern (pattern from now on)

Row 11 increase beginning and end of row (like 1 stitch in, invisible or bar, either is ok)

Rows 12-14 even, 33 stitches

Row 15 inc beg & end

Rows 16-18 even 35 stitches

Row 19 inc beg & end

Rows 20-22 even 37 stitches

Row 23 inc beg & end

Rows 24-26 even 39 stitches

Row 27 inc beg & end

Rows 28-30 even 41 stitches

Row 31 inc beg & end

Row 32 even 43 stitches

Row 33 inc beg & end 45 stitches

Row 34 inc beg & end 47 stitches

Row 35 even

Row 36 bo2 continue on across 45 stitches

Row 37 bo2 continue on across 43 stitches

Row 38 dec 1 beg & end 41 stitches

Bind Off.


Make 2 the same.

Cast on 4 stitches. Knit back and forth in seed stitch until it’s 10”. That is plenty long because they will really stretch and you’re tying them behind anyway.


The shoulders are already done. Use mattress stitch. Sew on the sleeves matching up the center of the sleeve with the shoulder seam. Sew up the right hand (when looking at the sweater from the front) seam. Sew the left hand seam from the sleeve down to 3” from cast off edge. Leave about a 1” hole, and sew the rest of the way down.

Bind off the stitches on the holder (21) using a two stitch I-cord. Do a single crochet down both neck sides to stiffen, and make less likely to curl. Reinforce the hole in the left side seam with a single crochet, chain stitch, or buttonhole stitch. Sew the ties on to the neck edges at the top of the straight part, before the neck decreases. Weave in all ends. Voila.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Finished the Tulip Wrap Sweater for Spike

First, here are the sleeves (awww, they are so cute)

I will write up the pattern, but here it is done and then modeled.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

New Design and Work in Progress

I wanted to make a little wrap sweater for Spike (she's 1 month old today) so I looked through all of the library books and just really didn't see what I wanted. There were a couple that were ok, but nothing just right. I decided to design my own. It's using Paton's Pearl DK (I only have 2 skeins, so I'm thinking that I'll be short) in a nice purple (color on the screen isn't just right). I'll type out the whole pattern when I get finished, but it's using the tulip pattern from May 1 on the stitch-a-day calendar. So far I've finished the fronts and the back and am about a third of the way up both sleeves. I'm doing them both at the same time to see how the yarn runs out. I figure this sweater will work for spring, summer, and early fall. Specifically, I think it will be nice for Easter.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Progress on the spiral stashbuster socks

These are great. I had to re-knit the heel, but when I settled down and followed instructions it actually came out pretty well. I like the figure 8 cast on but Queen Kahuna's is so much easier I'm not sure I'll ever do it again. Just another weapon in the armory (trick up my sleeve? tool in the toolshed?). Next socks are going to have a Pharoh toe...hmm.
Here's a close up of the heel:

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Another cute thing from the dh

So there I was tinking away because I forgot to pick up the new color on the spiral socks... my statement was "I tink therefore I am."

My dh, with an absolutely straight face replied,"we'll just call you tinkerbell"

I AM tinkerbell.

Next 6 Sox Knitalong Sock: Spiral

This is such a cool pattern. She has us going toe up (with figure 8 cast on, I've previously done the Queen Kahuna and the Short Row, so now I'm trying something different), with a modified short row heel (modified by adding a mini gusset)... The spiral stripes are really quite smart because you don't have to count or weave or whatever.

I chose from the stash which may have been a bad call. These are Harrisville singles. The blueberry color has chunks of teal, yellow, and purple in it. I had other Harrisville hanks in yellow and purple so that's what I'm doing. I increased up to 68 which may be too much, so maybe I'll make the sock a little short so it pulls up some of the slack. I used my dh and the power ball winder to wind center pull balls but they just aren't working because the yarn really, really sticks to itself. I gave up any hope of doing two at the same time.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Instructions for the Spiral Rib Hat

I had a couple of requests for the pattern. It's made of of several other patterns so I'll just rehash it here. If you would prefer to look at the original patterns that inspired me check here and here. You can also buy a similar Anne Norling pattern at your favorite LYS.

Cast on 8 stitches over 2 circs or 3 dpn.
row 1) knit into the front and back of each stitch, 16 stitches (join)
row 2) knit even
row 3) *inc1 k1 inc1 k1*, 24 stitches
row 4) and even rows, knit even
row 5) *inc1 k2* around, 32 stitches
row 7) and odd rows, increase 8 times evenly around

Continue like this until the circumference of the circle approximately matches the baby's head. In this case, for a young baby, 15-16.5"
Start Ribbing
row 1-3) k3 p3 k3 p3
rows 4-6) p1 *k3 p3 * k3 p3
rows 7-9) p2 *k3 p3* k3 p1
rows 10-12) p3 *k3 p3* k3
rows 13-15) k1 *p3 k3* p3 k2
and continue on like this until the hat is approx 2" longer than the distance (measured with a tape measure) from the top of the baby's head to the bottom of the ears.
Bind off LOOSELY (like on needles 2 sizes bigger), in pattern. voila.