Saturday, June 25, 2005


I finally got to see Knitty Gritty because we got cable and broadband!! (yipee) It was actually pretty cool.

It's not really cool that it's on at 10:30 at night... She was showing how to recycle sweaters. I think there are going to be more new shows but they show the show a lot during the day. I guess I could record... hmm now I need tivo...

I finished my first Chutes and Ladders sock...

So now I'm going to risk SSS by putting these down and rushing to work on a lap robe. My Grandmother (who never needs or asks for anything) has found that her knees get cold in the air conditioning. This is somewhat surprising to me because she is always too hot. Anyway, Mom asked me if I could make a lap robe, SURE! Dug into the stash and apologetically came back with a bright pink acrylic. No labels but it feels like the soft one from Caron. Turns out that she loves pink (knew that) and bright colors and she wants all acrylic for easy care. Voila!

I'm doing a simple feather and fan with a 4 stitch border of k1p1 on each side and a few rows of garter on the bottom and top. Using worsted and size 10 needles. Her b-day is coming SOON... As you can see, it's about 30" across without being really stretched. I've got 4 skeins and I'm probably 2/3 done the second, so I'll finish when I'm done with the 4th and that's how long it will be.

updated, date changed to when I actually posted this. ok, so that's annoying, it's leaving this huge space.

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Heather said...

Those socks look absolutely fantastic. I'm so jealous..I want to knit socks but just can't seem to do it. I also love that color pink, it matches perfectly with the pattern.