Thursday, June 16, 2005

Socks in Progress

I started the Chutes and Ladders for the SixSox Knitalong out of this gray self striping Lana Grossa whatever... it's pretty expensive yarn. I didn't take a picture before I frogged it -- it was so blotchy and yucky. So now I have computer socks; that is, socks I can knit while on the computer because they don't take any concentration. I think I'll try a new heel out of the Folk Socks Book since everything else is plain.

I'm now knitting the Chutes and Ladders out of a cream colored Invicta -- it does look like an Aran sweater


Lauren said...

Both are beautiful, Christina :)

Zing said...

Beautiful socks... tell me how can you knit and surf at the same time? What patterns do you use and do you knit "English" or "Continental"? Thank you for sharing.

Christina said...

I mostly knit English but I did do a little continental on the beaded scarf because it was easier. Sometimes I mouse left handed. I get sock patterns from 6 Sox Knitalong and then the Lana Grossa will just be a plain sock using an online calculator I found.