Sunday, October 03, 2004

My parents are awesome!

I just got back from a nice dinner out with my parents -- a belated celebration of my birthday. They gave me this snazzy little digital camera, extra storage, extra rechargeable batteries, and a nice dinner out.

Also, upon request and without any raised eyebrows, I got Dad to bring me this:

Now you may say, why on earth did she get her Dad to bring her a log? Well, it's actually cedar that's cured to perfection -- nice and stinky to keep the bugs out of my stash and off my new cashmere sweater (thanks FIL!). My DH will cut it into little chunks when he gets the chance. Much fresher and better than buying the little packaged blocks at the store.

I got my Dad's foot measurements, too, so maybe he'll get a little surprise for Christmas.

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