Sunday, October 10, 2004

Found some wooly nylon

After many discussions on Socknitters about how to reinforce socks made from non-sock yarn, I decided I needed to get some wooly nylon for the socks I'm making from merino. I went to Joann's (I know, I know, but I wasn't buying yarn, I was buying wooly nylon). Anyway, they were really busy, what with two employees outside smoking, a brand new employee having a line of 5 people waiting to have fabric cut and the other employee with a line of 5 people at the register, so I just kept looking around. I found serger thread, but I wasn't sure. Then... at ankle level, in a bin, I found some... in HOT PINK! Argh. I dug around squatting there and finally pulled out a spool of hunter green. I wanted to get black so it would go with everything, but oh well. It's actually pretty cool but I'm not sure how easy to knit with it will be. As soon as the tension is off of it, it fluffs up like my hair in August! I also need to pull some off onto another spool so that I can continue to do 2 socks at a time. So how much? hmm.

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