Sunday, May 15, 2005

Started the 1st of the 6Sox, Clover Leaf

I never did these because I started the group late. I'm now doing them with some Paton's Kroy on DPN (homemade bamboo skewer dpn). They're going really great and look good on. I took this picture Friday and now I'm halfway down the foot. The yarn is a pleasure to work with and the pattern is easy to remember and really stretchy.

The picture's kind of fuzzy, but you can still see the pattern.


dragonridermom said...

I have made dpn from chopsticks and dowels, but never from bamboo skewers. What a cool idea. What size do you think yours are?

Christina said...

I actually have bamboo skewer needles in several different sizes. These are between size 2 and 3. I have other ones that are between sizes 1 and 2 and some that aren't done yet that are about size 4. We look in everyone's kitchen drawer to see if they have any new sizes! Fair warning -- pick some good ones to avoid nasty splinters!