Sunday, May 15, 2005

All but finished my fluffy beaded scarf

As my dh says, just in time for warm weather! I didn't string the beads in advance, but added them using a v. v. small crochet hook (0.9mm) through the bead and pulled the loop of yarn through. All that's left to be done is to tie knots on the fringe so the beads don't fall off.


Jan said...

oooooooooo I love your fluffy beaded scarf :) It's gorgeous. Doesn't matter if it's getting warm out now, you can look forward to wearing it in the fall. The beads just make know..but the colour with the blue beads makes it so beautiful :) You're making me want to do some beadwork now :)

jan said...

and....what a great Christmas present it would make. The fringe really makes it :)

Zing said...

What a beautiful scarf. What kind of beads? Do you have a copy of the pattern that you could share. Thanks in advance.