Friday, July 30, 2004

Six Socks

I'm a joiner, what can I say? I joined the Six Sox Knit-Along about a week ago but am just skipping to the second sock. Unfortunately I won't be eligible for the grand prize (if you post WIP and FO pictures in the correct folders, you get entered into a drawing - if you do all of them, you get entered into the grand drawing). The SAM classes do a sock a month and this is a sock every two months so that seems more reasonable. I wish I'd signed up a couple of months ago!

The sock for August/September is "Making Waves" designed by Pam Ordnier. It's a really cool sock with 4 stitch cables that make a wave texture. I did my swatch and will post that soon. For now, you'll just get a picture of the yarn. I'm not sure it's that appropriate for socks because it's 100% wool, single ply, and a little rough. I think it will be softer when washed and I'm going to hold some thread along with when I do the heel. The color doesn't really come through in this picture but I'm using the green color. It's really a mixture of blues and greens with some yellows. Kind of like a pond that's covered in algae (I'm so poetic). I'll use the yellow and pink for future projects.

Eileen is such a role model... look how far she's gotten on hers. See, she got done the first one in June! Bravo!

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