Monday, April 25, 2005

Fo: Wrist Warmers for my co-worker

My dear co-worker, LP, has carpal tunnel and is in a lot of pain so I made her these spiffy wrist warmers. They're out of the same yarn as the fluted bannister socks I made for Dad. 100% Merino. When I was modeling them for the picture I almost didn't want to give them away. So soft and squishy!

Here's the pattern if you're interested.
Using size 4 DPN and ~sport merino
CO 60 stitches
K2 P2 Rib for 2.5", decrease 4x evenly around
Continue until 3" from CO edge
BO 5 continue pattern around (you're now knitting back and forth)
BO1 at the beg of the next 2 rows
sl1 continue pattern around, each row until 5" from CO edge
CO 1 at each end of next row
CO 5 and rejoin around
Continue pattern until 7" from CO edge. BO.


Anonymous said...

Hi I was looking at Christina's wrist warmers and thought they would be good for my hands in the winter because I suffer a lot of pain in my knuckles. Only trouble is I don't understand what BO means could you please explain it to me.

Christina said...

You didn't leave an e-mail for me to contact you directly so I'll answer here: CO=cast on, BO=bind off. I cast on in each case using the cable cast on method. Bind off, I knit one knit the second, lifted the first stitch over the second and so on. When the stitch presents as a purl, you purl. Hope that helps!