Saturday, December 04, 2004

v. v. excited about the beaded socks

They're probably going to be a little big, but so cool. I made quite a bit of progress today. On the knitalong list, they mention a few ways to place the beads:
  1. knit the stitch like normal with the bead there and adjust the bead so that it's vertical on a leg of the stitch
  2. purl the stitch and have the bead go across horizontally
  3. slip the stitch with bead over both legs (not threaded on in advance)
  4. knit the stitch with the bead over both legs (not threaded on in advance)
  5. sew the beads on later (not threaded on in advance)

I did #2 after #1 didn't really show up. I think I'm really getting the hang of it. Maybe I'll make a little beaded purse? Oh, oh, how about the hem of a poncho for dressy instead of using fringe. Hmm, maybe I saw this on knitty already?

So here's my progress:

Ribbing prior to adding the beads

The beads about halfway done, then minutes later:

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