Monday, November 22, 2004


Hi any and all. I've been away presenting at a conference and knitting away. Unfortunately I then got home and frogged all I had done because it was too wide : ( . I was traveling without any measuring devices because of airline issues (plus, they would probably break my yardstick in my luggage, LOL).

My notes from the sessions I knit through are so much better - I paid much closer attention.

The title of this post comes from another knitter at the conference. This particular organization has Special Interest Groups so she wants to start up a new one: SIG-Knit! I'm in. Actually a very nice British gentleman stopped to ask if it helped me concentrate. He was a knitter as a child but now leaves it to his wife and mother. Now that he saw me do it, he might start back up.

To come soon: finished fluted bannisters (just have to graft tonight), 1st rectangle of the poncho.

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