Saturday, May 01, 2004

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Wow! I can't believe how big this festival is. It was huge. I'm not sure I saw everything or felt every fiber but I sure tried. I got to pet some llamas, an alpaca, an angora bunny, and some sheep and goats. Baaaaa. Baaaa.
I want to learn to spin and buy one of each fiber. I want my own goat, too, and maybe a couple of fuzzy bunnies. You would think I was 5 years old.
My dh was funny-- at the sheep dog demonstration he said, "listen to how quiet the handlers are and think about all the people in our neighborhood running around and yelling at their dogs!" He's right. It was quite impressive.
BTW- it's raining big time now, I'm glad it started after I got home! I hope those poor sheep don't shrink!

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